South Vermillion Middle School Athletics

At South Vermillion Middle School, we believe that extra-curricular activities are an extension of the classroom. We offer the following athletic activities for our middle school students:


Cross Country (Start Date - August 7th)
7th/8th Football (Start Date - July 30th)
Volleyball (Start Date - August 7th)
7th/8th Cheer (Start Date - July 30th)


Boys' Basketball (Start Date - October 22nd)
Girls' Basketball (Start Date - January 3rd)
Swimming (Start Date - January 21st)
Wrestling (Start Date - January 21st)
Dance (Start Date - July 30th)
6th Cheer (Start Date - October 22nd)
7th/8th Cheer (Start Date - July 30th)


Track (Start Date - April 1)

All students must have an active physical on file before conditioning, practicing, or competing. Physicals must be obtained after April 1st of every year.  Students will not be allowed to practice until a physical is on file.


Admission for events is $3 per person. Admission for tournaments is $5 per person. Children who are in the 5th grade or younger are admitted for free.

All Sports Passes

Students may purchase an "All Sports" pass for $25.  This pass may be used for both the high school and middle school events.

Please visit the "Athletics Documents" link in the upper left hand corner of this page for more information on physicals, student athlete conduct, practice schedules, and transportation schedules.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email our Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, Micah Williams.

Go Wildcats!